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These consent forms should be distributed to parents prior to the start of the Term 3, 2021 student survey. The consent form is a non-consent form. Parents only need to complete the form and send it to their school if they would not like their child to participate in the Tell Them From Me student survey.

Term 3, 2021 consent form (English - doc, 292KB)

Translated consent forms

English (PDF, 222KB)

Arabic (PDF, 204KB)

Chinese - simplified (PDF, 542KB)

Chinese - traditional (PDF, 510KB)

Filipino (PDF, 257KB)

Greek (PDF, 293KB)

Italian (PDF, 214KB)

Karen (PDF, 151KB)

Korean (PDF, 375KB)

Persian (PDF, 264KB)

Polish (PDF, 273KB)

Portuguese (PDF, 131KB)

Punjabi (PDF, 117KB)

Russian (PDF, 329KB)

Somali (PDF, 209KB)

Spanish (PDF, 104KB)

Tamil (PDF, 591KB)

Thai (PDF, 303KB)

Turkish (PDF, 414KB)

Ukrainian (PDF, 309KB)

Urdu (PDF, 169KB)

Vietnamese (PDF, 294KB)


Translated newsletter text for the Parent Survey

English (doc, 15KB)

Arabic (doc, 49KB)

Chinese - simplified (doc, 25KB)

Chinese - traditional (doc, 26KB)

Farsi (doc, 49KB)

Filipino (doc, 48KB)

Greek (doc, 49KB)

Italian (doc, 47KB)

Karen (docx, 3.85MB)

Khmer (doc, 51KB)

Korean (doc, 49KB)

Polish (doc, 49KB)

Portuguese (doc, 49KB)

Punjabi (docx, 26KB)

Russian (doc, 50KB)

Somali (doc, 48KB)

Spanish (doc, 46KB)

Tamil (docx, 18KB)

Thai (docx, 26KB)

Turkish (doc, 20KB)

Ukrainian (doc, 48KB)

Urdu (doc, 50KB)

Vietnamese (doc, 56KB)