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The Focus on Learning teacher survey is part of the Tell Them From Me suite of surveys on student engagement. The teacher survey provides school principals and school leaders with insights into school and classroom effectiveness from the perspective of teachers.

How does it work?

The teacher survey takes around 15 minutes and is conducted entirely online during specific survey windows. The survey will take place during Term 3 and is run at the same time as the parent survey and second optional student survey. Teachers will have the option of completing the survey on their school or home computers at any time that is convenient within the survey window. The survey can also be completed on ipads, tablets and smartphones. The survey is anonymous and data suppression rules are applied to the school reporting tools where there are fewer than five responses. School leaders receive their school's data within three business days of closing the survey.

Teachers, principals and school coordinators log into the survey here:

What does it ask?

The teacher survey asks questions related to the following drivers of student outcomes:

Teacher measures 

How will schools receive their data?

School leaders receive two data reports, including: a ‘one click’ PDF summary report of their school’s results that includes ‘radar’ charts showing their school’s average scores on a ten-point scale for eight measures; and interactive charts which look more closely at their school results for specific groups of teachers (e.g. by year taught or tenure). Schools’ results are compared against state-wide averages. 


How can schools use the data?

The survey data can help schools:

  • understand teachers’ perspectives on critical aspects of school and classroom effectiveness
  • provide evidence of areas of strength to support self-assessment and reporting
  • engage the school community in discussions to identify strategic directions for school improvement
  • establish quantitative improvement measures and help schools track achievement against them. 


How will the department use the data?

Tell Them From Me data contribute to a state-wide research project. This project is led by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE). It is hoped that results from CESE's analysis of the TTFM data will help teachers, principals and other education stakeholders discuss what works to improve student outcomes. CESE's analysis supports the department's continuing focus on quality teaching and leadership.

For copies of TTFM-related publications, please head to the publications page here: 



For more information about the teacher survey, read frequently asked questions.

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